Week 1: Tracking Your Time

9 Jan


If you feel like you live in the middle of a tornado and time pushes you around – you’ve got to understand the storm before you can withstand it. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but I’d disagree. Scientists all over the world fighting to cure cancer, they study the disease, understand how it works – so they can develop a plan of attack.

Track Your Time!

1) 15 Minute Increments: To get a useful sense of how you spend time and where you lose time – take a full week to track your day in  15 minute increments

  • You’ll get the best view of how you spend your time if you can see an entire week at once.
  • You can use the spreadsheet I put together here!

2) Results at a Glance

  • Color Code! Since many with ADD are visually oriented, color coding information has been shown   to be very useful for ADDers and other folks alike when it comes to organization.
  • My Time fell into the basic categories listed below, and I gave them each a color:
    • Sleep
    • Commute
    • Personal Care & Improvement
    • Errands
    • Work 
    • Fun

5) Where DOES All The Time Go?

Here’s my first week of time tracking. You can see my biggest issues pretty quickly:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.43.34 PM

  • My sleep patterns were all over the place
  • I didn’t make time for real or regular meals
  • I either forgot to track or didn’t shower often enough – who knows
  • Overdoing it, even with “fun” activities like shopping – 6 hours, is too much.

This explained a lot – why shopping felt like exercise, why I would buy cleaning/organizational products but never use them, and why my house was always a mess.

How to Tackle Your Top Time Sucks

Tackling our hyper focus tendencies will help put those habits in check and leave room for activities we’ve only seen people do in movies – like enjoying a relaxed glass of wine or -gasp – reading a book!

  • List Your Top 5: Make yourself of your top 5 focus areas as you start the process. From my tracking here, you can understand how simple routines became my learning for Week 2.
  • Post Them Up: Put that list somewhere you can see it- these will stay on the top of your mind and remind your family that you’re working towards a very important goal.

Tips & Tricks: Tracking Info on the Go

For those of us with busy lives or disorders like ADD, there are a couple tools to help.

  • Gold ‘Ol Pen & Paper: Perfect for your pocket or purse! And these itty bitty pens will let you color code as you go.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 1.58.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.07.53 PM

  • 15 Minute Reminders: Apps like Alarmed can remind you every 15 minutes to jot down a quick note or countdown to your next task.


  • Digital TrackingATracker Pro is an app that will let you track in real time and color code/categorize your actions. If you find this too time consuming in the beginning, go back to good old pen & paper.


  • Google Docs: As someone with ADD I really like using google docs – that way, I can’t lose a piece of paper or have 5 notebooks I’m using at once- I can access my information from anywhere with internet! You can use our handy template to get started.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.17.56 PM


A New Life

8 Jan

Lot’s have things have happened since I’ve been here last.

But most importantly, and as a little bit of a random thread – I’ve finally found a way to embrace and handle my ADD as an adult. Over the past month or so, my life has become so much more enjoyable and time keeps opening up to appreciate how lovely life really is.

The things I’m learning today can be helpful not just for people with disabilities, but for all of us who didn’t have a great example growing up, or are trying to do it all alone.

I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with the world – to help others who feel like they’re living in a tornado. I want them to have hope and find time for joy.

I can proudly and loudly say I’ve invested enough in myself to start working with a therapist – every week, i learn a little tidbit about being organized in a calm and organized manner. Each week, I learn a little something new and I’ll post them each separately.

So far we have:

I strongly suggest doing these one at a time. If you get overwhelmed you’re likely to fall right off the wagon. I promise -it’s all possible and will get easier each week.

Week 1: Tracking Your Time

Week 2: Simple Routines & Your Planner

Week 3: The Big 5 on Cleaning & The Saturday Sortbox

Week 4: Making Your Evenings Productive AND Enjoyable

Week 5: Balance

Week 6: Travel & The Holidays

Week 7: Maintaining When Life Seagulls Everywhere

Reaching for the Stars- Vintage Comes to Sanford

28 Mar

Reaching for the stars Vintage boutique hosted their launch party this evening! Here’s a sneak peak of the store and some of their pieces. More to follow.

City Girl Explores the South: Candy Throwback

24 Mar

Classic Gum


It can be hard to find fun gifts in the land of Walmarts. But on my  inaugural trip to a local Cracker Barrel I was more taken with their retro-inspired candy selection than their fried apples.

I ventured out to an early morning breakfast to the Sanford Cracker Barrel. Half awake,  I didn’t have high hopes for yet another chain restaurant in Sanford. While pacing through the gift shop and waiting for my table to be ready – I stumbled upon the candy section.

Lollipop Tower

This brightly colored corner is stuffed in the back behind piles of other gifts only a grandmother could love. I found the displays and individual packaging a gorgeous sight and perfect for photographers who love bright colors and high contrast shots.

The display setup is busy and bright, as if a slice of Wille Wonka’s factory had been sandwiched in between the typical scented soaps and gardening hats. Brightly colored sweets of all shapes and sizes in tall piles were overflowing their containers.

Much of the packaging appeared to be a throwback to vintage designs or at least retro inspired. This, coupled with the choice of colors left me with camera in hand more interest in capturing some high contrast shots than eating my breakfast.

Moon Pie Minimalist Design


The product choice is unique and ranges from classic Hershey bars, to the Remember When candy box collections with an assortment of goodies from decades past, from 1950s-  through the 80s.

Remember When?

Often in a sea of Walmarts it’s hard to find unique gifts. It was a pleasure to stumble on something so different in a chain restaruant on Route 87. Cracker Barrel’s candy collection is a one stop shop for both my inner photographer and someone who is always trying to find a gift. Wether your shopping for the hipster in your life or a vintage relative these treats are sure to please.

Goo Goo


Target – Aim- Vintage

23 Mar

Spring is here and as The Vintage Fashion Guild noted, the newest trends still pay homage to vintage classics. Most of the designers they highlighted can be pricey but if you browse regularly you’ll find Target is actually a gold mine of vintage inspired wears that won’t strain your pocketbook.


Joan on a Budget: Courtesy Felixmink.com

Wether your a Joan or a Betty the thorough shopper will be able to find outfits that are both adorable and affordable.

The Wear-to-Work section on the Target site is usually the best bet but a quick trip to the store can reveal some amazing finds.


A Few Current Favorites:

A shift dress to add a little va-va-voom to the work day $24.99

Brilliamt Blue


A gorgeous rich plum color, perfect for your Betty Draper moments $27.98

Plum Delicious


A lovely peach number with a flattering belt $39.99

Sweet as a Peach


Pink party dress with a flared skirt $49.99

Jackie Pink

City Girl Explores the South

15 Mar

I am a city girl. I’ve lived in London, New York, and Washington DC to name a few. I love the noise, the busyness, the grime and graffiti. But, as a new army wife I now live in the South, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not all bad, life and work does move slower here, which means I’ve regained the time to enjoy all the little moments my big city job had distracted me from. Searching out interesting things to do, food that’s not from Olive Garden is a serious activity. And around here, more people need to write about it.

So here’s my first adventure -exploring a local ghost town, and like a true city hipster I loved it’s raggedy, industrial feel.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Williams

As the nearby Fort Bragg community expands and is expected to grow larger with the transfer of U.S. Forces Command (FORCSCOM) staff, Sanford lays in wait for the increasing number of new homes and business to deliver a resurgence.

But in the meantime, as old downtown Sanford may look distressed, much of which has been forgotten proves to be a photographer’s dream…

Read more & photo slide show after the jump

Forgetting Feminism? Or Just a Different Type?

10 Mar

This article from the Daily Mail profiles the Dutch women who mostly work part-time and let the men in their life cover the rest. The headline dubs it “the land feminism forgot” as only 10% of Dutch women work full-time.

First, the author only quickly mentions that not all women in the Netherlands can afford the luxury of working par time, if not at all. This is a nice quandary to even be able to ponder.

And there’s no mention of single women. Even if less than 10%  of women work full-time there is no way 90% of Dutch women are in a relationship. And while the low divorce rate in the Netherlands is attributed to the happiness that comes with less work and more coffee shop time – maybe this lifestyle an incentive to stay in a marriage.

Perhaps this is a feminist move. These women are comfortable with themselves, who they are and what they deserve from their counterparts. You have to give it to those who have the balls to sit back, enjoy life and be taken care of without worrying about their monetary contribution or defining themselves through their work.

Most likely, this blissful set up works because it allows women to strike a balance between our own independent life, interests, hobbies, work and family.