Forgetting Feminism? Or Just a Different Type?

10 Mar

This article from the Daily Mail profiles the Dutch women who mostly work part-time and let the men in their life cover the rest. The headline dubs it “the land feminism forgot” as only 10% of Dutch women work full-time.

First, the author only quickly mentions that not all women in the Netherlands can afford the luxury of working par time, if not at all. This is a nice quandary to even be able to ponder.

And there’s no mention of single women. Even if less than 10%  of women work full-time there is no way 90% of Dutch women are in a relationship. And while the low divorce rate in the Netherlands is attributed to the happiness that comes with less work and more coffee shop time – maybe this lifestyle an incentive to stay in a marriage.

Perhaps this is a feminist move. These women are comfortable with themselves, who they are and what they deserve from their counterparts. You have to give it to those who have the balls to sit back, enjoy life and be taken care of without worrying about their monetary contribution or defining themselves through their work.

Most likely, this blissful set up works because it allows women to strike a balance between our own independent life, interests, hobbies, work and family.


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