The Power of the Pencil Skirt

8 Mar

I am proudly “Just a Skirt”.

After a decade of assuming my work would speak for me I am finally realizing that femininity is as a serious part of my identity, personal and professional.

There are millions of us go to work every day with drone-like rhythm and work so vigorously to reach the top. Days stretch beyond the 12-hour mark, and there is no time or passion left for our personal style and hobbies until we leave them behind all together.

Last summer I found I wasn’t alone. My fellow work-a-holics were feeling down in their mismatched pants and jackets we felt unconfident, men and women both saw right through us. We were taught our work defined us, if the work was strong so were we. But when we walked into the room, our rumpled demeanor wasn’t enough to command any confidence, or any attention at all.

The Power of the Pencil Skirt

Despite the obvious challenges and restrictions of the day we coveted the style of vintage days “when men were men and women were skirts”. On the occasional day when we found the time and to slip into skirt we felt different, carried ourselves differently, a transformation of poise inside and an outer presence that people noticed.

Of course we enjoyed the IT department swivel around to watch us eat sushi during a lunchtime meeting- and our computers fixed much more quickly. But we found there was more than the typical leverage in sexuality. To project and communicate that preparedness outwardly was staggeringly powerful. The upkeep of our femininity turned out to be as important as keeping an agenda organized, answering every client email, and being prepared for every presentation. People knew, when we walked into the room we were on top of it- it being everything.

Here I invite you to play voyeur as I fumble through my life experiment, learning and attempt to reclaim the delicate balance of what it means to be a woman, professional, on top of her shit while a wife and style lover.