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City Girl Explores the South: Candy Throwback

24 Mar

Classic Gum


It can be hard to find fun gifts in the land of Walmarts. But on my  inaugural trip to a local Cracker Barrel I was more taken with their retro-inspired candy selection than their fried apples.

I ventured out to an early morning breakfast to the Sanford Cracker Barrel. Half awake,  I didn’t have high hopes for yet another chain restaurant in Sanford. While pacing through the gift shop and waiting for my table to be ready – I stumbled upon the candy section.

Lollipop Tower

This brightly colored corner is stuffed in the back behind piles of other gifts only a grandmother could love. I found the displays and individual packaging a gorgeous sight and perfect for photographers who love bright colors and high contrast shots.

The display setup is busy and bright, as if a slice of Wille Wonka’s factory had been sandwiched in between the typical scented soaps and gardening hats. Brightly colored sweets of all shapes and sizes in tall piles were overflowing their containers.

Much of the packaging appeared to be a throwback to vintage designs or at least retro inspired. This, coupled with the choice of colors left me with camera in hand more interest in capturing some high contrast shots than eating my breakfast.

Moon Pie Minimalist Design


The product choice is unique and ranges from classic Hershey bars, to the Remember When candy box collections with an assortment of goodies from decades past, from 1950s-  through the 80s.

Remember When?

Often in a sea of Walmarts it’s hard to find unique gifts. It was a pleasure to stumble on something so different in a chain restaruant on Route 87. Cracker Barrel’s candy collection is a one stop shop for both my inner photographer and someone who is always trying to find a gift. Wether your shopping for the hipster in your life or a vintage relative these treats are sure to please.

Goo Goo