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A New Life

8 Jan

Lot’s have things have happened since I’ve been here last.

But most importantly, and as a little bit of a random thread – I’ve finally found a way to embrace and handle my ADD as an adult. Over the past month or so, my life has become so much more enjoyable and time keeps opening up to appreciate how lovely life really is.

The things I’m learning today can be helpful not just for people with disabilities, but for all of us who didn’t have a great example growing up, or are trying to do it all alone.

I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with the world – to help others who feel like they’re living in a tornado. I want them to have hope and find time for joy.

I can proudly and loudly say I’ve invested enough in myself to start working with a therapist – every week, i learn a little tidbit about being organized in a calm and organized manner. Each week, I learn a little something new and I’ll post them each separately.

So far we have:

I strongly suggest doing these one at a time. If you get overwhelmed you’re likely to fall right off the wagon. I promise -it’s all possible and will get easier each week.

Week 1: Tracking Your Time

Week 2: Simple Routines & Your Planner

Week 3: The Big 5 on Cleaning & The Saturday Sortbox

Week 4: Making Your Evenings Productive AND Enjoyable

Week 5: Balance

Week 6: Travel & The Holidays

Week 7: Maintaining When Life Seagulls Everywhere