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City Girl Explores the South

15 Mar

I am a city girl. I’ve lived in London, New York, and Washington DC to name a few. I love the noise, the busyness, the grime and graffiti. But, as a new army wife I now live in the South, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not all bad, life and work does move slower here, which means I’ve regained the time to enjoy all the little moments my big city job had distracted me from. Searching out interesting things to do, food that’s not from Olive Garden is a serious activity. And around here, more people need to write about it.

So here’s my first adventure -exploring a local ghost town, and like a true city hipster I loved it’s raggedy, industrial feel.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Williams

As the nearby Fort Bragg community expands and is expected to grow larger with the transfer of U.S. Forces Command (FORCSCOM) staff, Sanford lays in wait for the increasing number of new homes and business to deliver a resurgence.

But in the meantime, as old downtown Sanford may look distressed, much of which has been forgotten proves to be a photographer’s dream…

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